Test certificates:
FeNi test certificate 1  FeNi certificate 1
FeNi test certificate 2  FeNi certificate 2
FeNi test certificate 3  FeNi certificate 3
FeNi test certificate 4  FeNi certificate 4
FeNi test certificate 5  FeNi certificate 5
FeNi test certificate 6  FeNi certificate 6
Ni-resist test certificate 1  Ni-resist certificate 1
Ni-resist test certificate 2  Ni-resist certificate 2
Ni-resist test certificate 3  Ni-resist certificate 3

We buy:
- Molybdenum ore
- Nickel based scrap

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Ferro-Nickel ingots for sale:

Ferro Nickel

Product's description: We can provide FeNi ingots in a range from 5kg min to 1.2 tonnes max. A convenient weight, however, for us is between 200 to 600 kg. The chemical elements' content in alloy may be modified as per buyer's request once a business relationship has been established. For instance Ni can be adjusted to 20-50% and Cr to 10-20%. We have 1MT and 5MT furnaces at 3 different mills. Production cycle takes 3 hours. We can produce between 25 to 50 MT per day depending on how many furnaces we use.

Chemical composition is tested by X-ray fluoreschence method for quick results and by wet chemicals method for more precise results. The finished product is certified by VIMS.

Chemical composition:
Metal Fe Ni Cr C Si Mn Mg Mo Cu
% base 30-40 15-20 < 0.5 < 1.6 < 0.5 0.001 < 3.0 < 0.3

Metal Al Ti V Co Nb W P S Pb
% < 0.03 < 0.06 < 0.03 < 0.3 < 0.35 < 2.5 < 0.035 < 0.25 < 0.01

Supply volume: from 20 to 250 MT per month
Product's form/size: We offer two standard types:
  1. Type 1: Ingots in the form of a hemisphere, diameter up to 500 mm maximum. Ingot weight - 120-550 kg.
  2. Type 2: Ingots in the form of a cylinder or a parallelepiped with maximum dimensions of up to 500 mm in length and diameter - from 100 to 200 mm. Ingot weight - 30 - 50 kg.
Delivery location: To be delivered from our warehouse in Podolsk, Moscow region, Russia.
Type of packaging:
  1. Type 1 ingots shall have an iron cramp for transportation with hoisting machines.
  2. One melt of ingots of Type 2 shall be joined in one lot with a metallic band or wire for transportation with hoisting machines. Melting number shall be indicated. One melting weight shall be 200 - 400 kg.
Idea of a price: 95% 3-mth buyer LME/t (Ni) + 1350$/t (Cr) + 150$/t (Fe)
  • We produce the product which is within the limits of the above given chemical composition.
  • Preliminary price (in the formula above) is set against the volume the buyer is purchasing.
  • After test analysis, we provide the true final weight and the full chemical composition & specification of the finished product to the buyer.
  • 3rd party inspection company certifies the final weight and the chemical composition of the product.
  • The final price for Ni, Cr and Fe is derived from the final weight and the chemical composition of the finished product and not before.
Price includes:
  1. FOB Rotterdam (it takes between 7-10 days to deliver to the port).
  2. FOB St. Petersburg (it takes 2-3 to deliver to the port).
  3. FCA St. Petersburg or Moscow rail.
Payment terms: Irrevocable and confirmed L/C to be opened within 48 hours of signing a contract. Payment is made on sight. Please read contract procedures for further details. We may also ask NEW clients to make partial prepayment to allow us to purchase and produce extra volume.

Ferro-nickel ingots

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