Test certificates:
FeNi test certificate 1  FeNi certificate 1
FeNi test certificate 2  FeNi certificate 2
FeNi test certificate 3  FeNi certificate 3
FeNi test certificate 4  FeNi certificate 4
FeNi test certificate 5  FeNi certificate 5
FeNi test certificate 6  FeNi certificate 6
Ni-resist test certificate 1  Ni-resist certificate 1
Ni-resist test certificate 2  Ni-resist certificate 2
Ni-resist test certificate 3  Ni-resist certificate 3

We buy:
- Molybdenum ore
- Nickel based scrap

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Precision castings for sale:

Precision castings

Product's description: We offer precision castings for pumps and ready-to-use items for oil production, engine manufacturing, construction and space industries. The quality of castings is guaranteed by perfect operation of Quality Control and laboratory tests: chemical, chemical-engineering, microscopic metallography, mechanical tests, spectral, roentgen, ultrasound control, magnetic test and dye penetration inspection.
Quality standards: ISO 9001:2001
Product's form/size: made to order
Delivery location: To be delivered from our warehouse in Podolsk, Moscow region, Russia.
Type of packaging: containers
Idea of a price: depends on the volume
Price includes:
  1. FOB Rotterdam (it takes between 7-10 days to deliver to the port).
  2. FOB St. Petersburg (it takes 2-3 to deliver to the port).
  3. FCA St. Petersburg or Moscow rail.
Payment terms: Irrevocable and confirmed L/C to be opened within 48 hours of signing a contract. Payment is made on sight. Please read contract procedures for further details. We may also ask NEW clients to make partial prepayment to allow us to purchase and produce extra volume.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements. We look forward to a mutially beneficial co-operation with you.